Thursday, June 9, 2016

Parents, Students Sound Off About Changes At Watertown's Catholic Schools | WWNY TV 7

    Wow, an insurrection at IHC....Parents fought back against the plan to not renew the principal in favor of priestly governance....But I heard at Pete's the parents won...A little democracy that would never happen in public schools.
   Kudos to the parents.
Parents, Students Sound Off About Changes At Watertown's Catholic Schools | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

A little democracy that wouldn't happen at Watertown City Hall either!!!!!
How many times do they do studies, or have people support something they are not in favor of? What do they do.....? The opposite and what "they" want.

It's nice to know that someone actually listens to their supporters, employees, and the right thing.

Max Volume said...

Rumor has it that some "rich kids" were disciplined for bad behavior and their parents got their panties all in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Volume, that is not quite the whole truth but somewhat along the lines....Seems that our own little Jeff Smith's wife has had a knot in her panties regarding the principal since her son was passed over for something several YEARS back. Also, a local but now military wife, got upset because her kid wasn't getting enough play time on whatever sports team. Somehow, these two seem to have poisoned the entire Board. This had vendetta written all over it and the parents were not having it and were willing to put their money back in their pockets and pull their kids from IHC. Oh, and they just recently brought back a priest that used to run the place. What timing....seems like even the good clergy got played.

Anonymous said...

12:50 so not true. It was a simple reorganization and yes the Principal's contract was a concern that only she can answer those questions. One always needs to examine what's best and that's what was done. Hats off to the school board for their efforts.

Jeff Smith said...

Since you brought me into this discussion, anonymous 7:51 you might want to get your facts straight. My son that is now a college graduate and a member of the national honor society did not get "...passed over for something several YEARS back."

I know my wife took issue with the sexual predator that was kicked out of another school and was accepted at IHC with no check of the records and she had a problem with the new teacher that was making sexual comments to a 12 y/o girl and that the principal thought the teachers comments were "jovial". I could go down a laundry list of factual issues from the schools test scores, to enrollment and teacher turnover. I could go on with facts, just let me know when to stop.

If you are going to talk about my family you better come for with facts and not guesses. Also, don't hide behind "anonymous".

Jeff Smith

Jeff Graham said...

Jeff, Millie is a fighter and I respect that. I'd be glad to manage her Council campaign ! :)

Anonymous said...

The Jeff Smith M.O. as usual.

Trot your wannbe doctor ass and family out to Harrisville or wherever you're building your solar paneled house.
The city is SO done with you!

Anonymous said...

From what we have seen of your wife, she doesn't need you to defend her Mr. Smith. Anyone that has met her for any length of time knows that she is Hell on Wheels, with no filter. Chivalry is alive and well in Watertown!
Don't blame the poster (7:51)for going anonymous, this town has a way of eating up people that cross people like you, that perceive themselves to above others. We only need to look at your tenure on Council to know what an egotists you are, only serving the needs of yourself and well connected friends (can you say roommate law) instead of the fine citizens you were elected by. See how that worked out for you? You now have time to spend with your children and patrolling the Mayor's blog.
And, Mr. Graham, I would should think long and hard about helping either of the Smith's into office. Observing you over the years, it seems that you have quite a bit of integrity, something that seems to be lacking from either of them. Just use this as an example, because of course we believe everything that Smith just wrote, but me thinks he may left a few other little details out:)

Anonymous said...

Mayor Graham, I'm not sure how your comments work but I have a couple of questions I would ask

1. It seems the reply's after Mr. Smiths comments attack him and not his allegations. I guess they shoot the messenger if they don't like the message?

2. If the roommate law is so hatted why hasn't it been overturned? The whole city council is new

thank you for your time Mayor Graham

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Millie are hard, hard working people who are constantly busy with work, providing a great service to our community with the urgent care. At least one of them is always at any event involving their kids. I'm a witness to this. Don't be a lacky and cut them some slack, man.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it would be in your best interest to manage Millie Smith's campaign if she decides to run. Hopefully not, but i don't suggest this at all.. Stand clear of what occurred before. The ideas are off the wall just like Macaluso and her vendetta with some city leaders will follow from her husbands time.

Stand clear and keep yourself clean.