Monday, June 13, 2016

NYS Exposed: 10K Bills go Unaddressed in Albany Every Session |

    You know how you read stories about a law being proposed to do this or that ?  Well, there's a good chance you are being scammed. Some 10,000 bills go no where every year and proposing a one house bill without leadership support is a press release but not public policy.
     I think there was one such story this weekend.
     As for Albany, session ends in days and we'll see what passes.  If they pass on ethics and vote for the Mimosa Law, that's fine with me as I understand how bereft the system is of principle. For those idealists, something more may be needed.
NYS Exposed: 10K Bills go Unaddressed in Albany Every Session |


Anonymous said...

I assume you know how the political system works? During off voting seasons the pols just suck on the nipple and act as constituent representatives for the people in their areas. Then as voting time gets near, they have their aides poll which items are best aligned with their voting block, and are possibly newsworthy. Then they scab together a few feel good laws that will make local headlines, and see what will stick. It doesn't matter that nothing actually gets done, it's just a game.

There are currently 2000 pages of regulations and legalities in the US concerning the growing of cabbages and bringing them to market.
Do you really think it matters that there are 10,000 new laws under consideration in NY State? It isn't even a gnats ass.


Anonymous said...

10,000 bills go unpassed. Anybody really think that's a BAD thing???????

We would be a lot better off if most of those that do get passed weren't!

I once told Cloe-Ann O'Neal that the measure of the quality of the politician was not how many bills they helped pass but rather how
many bills they prevented from getting passed. She was rather shocked at my statement. It was obvious she had never looked at it that way. The scary part of it is, she was one of the good guys.

Ole Chucky Cheese once stated that he was "born to legislate", I believe his exact words were. Combine that attitude with a liberal leaning fool like ole Goomer equals a loss of freedom for you and me.