Sunday, June 19, 2016

NY Man Slaps Butt at Strawberry Festival...Gets Arrested

       Whatever happened to slapping a guy across the face and shaming him publicly....Now somebody slaps your butt and you have to get the law involved.

        Wonder why taxes are so high and drugs are running rampant.?

NY man arrested after forcible touching of woman at strawberry fest, police say |

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Anonymous said...

I get it. Lie under oath, no problems. Erase thousands of government emails, relax. Take tens of millions of bribes while serving as Sec of State, forgetaboutit. Ship guns to Mehico to try to influence gun grab legislation, we cool. Defend a hubby (on paper) with a record of sexually assaulting womyn, while pretending to be a champeen of babes, priceless. Being the most recognized liar in American history, we love her vagina though. But you slap a butt at a strawberry festival and we will show zero tolerance. And why is this country in such trouble?