Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NPR: Was 2016 a Bad Year for Business in NY ?

      Public radio asks the question, was this year's legislative session bad for small business ?
      The minimum wage, the Family Leave Act, and that list of edicts I read about in the WDT the other day concerning the "rights" of workers.
        In my industry , a request for minor relief and the chance to better compete was largely rebuffed and on the simple matter of Sunday morning sales, we only got half a loaf as Assembly Democrats fretted over the silly notion that Sunday brunch eaters are a noisy lot.
       I am sure those of you in other industries have your examples of  the deaf ears in Albany.


Anonymous said...

You mean the deaf ears of NYC Addie Russel...

Anonymous said...

Its pretty simple for anyone to see. No doubt it was a bad year for business, unless you live on a golf course, vote party line donkey and all your skoolin was in "teacher school".

There is a simple obvious term in business, that they don't cover in "teaching school", but is so intuitive and obvious, that normal people understand it and invent the concept as soon as they ponder how business works. Its called break even anylisis.

What our state did this year was drastically raise the break even point of small businesses.

And so the result is, it was a good year for Berkshire Hathaway and a bad year for small locally owned business. All the local media is in the tank for donkey central and now it pays off for them. I am sure the new owners will spend money in local media in the same spendthrift way as the old owners. Oh wait...maybe they won't...ha!

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see a NY legislative session that WASN'T bad for business in the last 50 years. So what's the big deal. Nothing to see here. Move on folks.