Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Book: Clinton's Monetized White House for Personal Gain While Claiming Poverty

        The lifestyles of the rich and famous aspect of public life often gets little reporting as the reporters covering the beat are millionaires themselves, but a new book reported on in the Daily Mail paints a critical view of the Clinton Foundation and the ability of the soon to be again First Couple to cash out on public life for themselves and their friends.
        Many believe the Foundation and it's billions is more damaging than emails, but with two very wealthy people running for the top office in the land, there seems little interest in how they got there.


Anonymous said...

All these stories have been reported before. They should have put this corrupt couple behind bars long ago.

Anonymous said...

None of this will matter to our usual mouthpieces. So many people are so stupid this won't matter a bit. As far as being reported before, 9:38, maybe you're right in some ways. But the evidence keeps piling up from various sources, but the Dannies just keep a mouthing the party line. We be a stupid bunch.