Wednesday, June 15, 2016

National poll: Clinton leads Trump by 6, Johnson Pulls 11% - POLITICO

     Let's let the dust settle from Orlando and see. Meanwhile this CBS poll shows Libertarian Gary Johnson polling in double digits if included in the mix. With an astute campaign and a little cash, Governor Johnson might make those debates in the fall. Hope so.

National poll: Clinton leads Trump by 6 - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Johnson will do what Perot did for the Abuser. You can bet your life the Dannies/Klodcraps won't go off the reservation. I wonder if Johnson is getting a bag of Clinton Foundation money.

Anonymous said...

11:06, the libtards will tell you that they did exist polls proving that Perot split the votes he was taking from both candidates. Of course, earlier polls in the election cycle prove the fact that the votes in reality all came from Bush.

Anonymous said...

Today on America’s least favorite noontime talk radio show, after coming up with every excuse in the book for the mentally unbalanced Trump and his recurring erratic behavior, and in response to Danny’s 100% spot on observation that “Trump has no one to blame for his troubles but himself”, Goofy Graham stated; “ya know all these people who get so upset about Trump….if he’s so bad, don’t vote for him.”

And yet, it is Goofy Graham that is so distressed about his candidate of choice, he somehow feels compelled on a daily basis to defend the short fingered vulgarian while spinning absurd narratives.

News flash Jeff!! Your guy Douche Bag Donnie is a childish, orange-faced, pathologically self-obsessed freakish man-baby with zero impulse control and a crude, dim, murky intellect…. a bad joke with an even worse punch line.

You have to wonder though… when his dopey devotees are finally going to start realizing they're betting the farm on a poop-flinging dipshit. When are they finally going to start shaking their empty heads in dismay as normal thinking people do at the mortifyingly embarrassing spectacle of a classless buffoon that is Donald Trump?

Sadly, though, it appears that the vast majority of his followers are even more stupid, craven, and ignorant than he is.

But don’t worry too much Jeffery; you still have David Duke, Hannity, Alex Jones and Mikey on your losing team.

Anonymous said...

When the dust settles in November,who will be surprised to discover that D Trump and H Clinton have pulled off one of the greatest political scams ever perpetrated on the American public? What else explains perfectly the idiotic behavior of Trump? Nobody in their right mind could possibly propose the outlandish ideas he spouts unless they had an alterior motive. Who benefits the most in this scenario? Of course -Hillary Clinton!

Don't believe in conspiracy theories? fine suit yourself, but don't look any further than your own mirror, if you wake up in Nov. and wonder ,how the hell did Clinton ever win this election? America has no choice.