Sunday, June 5, 2016

Massena in the Hunt Too for Hunger Games Cash

    Massena joins Watertown, Ogdensburg and who really knows how many other NNY communities in the downtown "Hunger Games". The sole $10M downtown grant from NY will go to the best application, even though it's a false competition to say these communities are competing against each other as if it's a high school lacrosse game
      The regional economic council program is little know except by the insiders and whiile aspects of the program are good, one wonders if declaring one winner and lots of losers does much to lift all boats and promote regional synergism.
      The one winner will feel it deserving., the many losers will feel cheated or overlooked and the rest of us will scratch our heads over high taxes, bloated government and the sense it's just more of Albany being Albany.


Anonymous said...

The only reason this is not a full blown competition is because the winner is a forgone conclusion. This is the budget pAddie and Aatty voted for. One where Cuomo gets the power to hand out $10MM to his city of choice.

Anonymous said...

The idiots running this scam don't get it at all . It would be wiser to spread OUR tax money to more than ONE community who perhaps has only its ability to genuflect and kiss a ring rather than any earthshattering project .

This whole Hunger Games thing needs to END, been tried has failed to produce jobs and thus is ineffective , inefficient and wasteful . LOWER Our taxes ( like that ever happens , with all the gamesmanship with fees) etc or come up with a more equitable distribution of OUR money !

Anonymous said...

Very well said 9:16. I actually think that this is against the law. Tax dollars are not supposed to be dispersed in lottery fashion but I guess here in ole NY, the "governor" can do what he wants. Can't wait to see the kickbacks. Then to pit areas against each other, this is quite the joke. But, NY is open for business. And with the monstrous success of start up NY (tounge in cheek) the Governor is so popular he can do whatever he wants.