Thursday, June 23, 2016

Markets Plummet as Brits Vote to Get Out

Looks like the Brits are voting to get out of the European Union. Current projections are 53-47 in favor of leaving and that's going to cause a blood letting in the markets over here.
   I don't claim to know all the nuances but immigration has a lot to do with it as well as identity as a nation....And I think there's a revulsion towards the establishment which was all behind staying in.
    It's like Trumpism across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Very positive news for those who love freedom. Now we have to get rid of the Clinton/Bush Dynasty. Vote Trump if you love freedom.

Anonymous said...

Vote trump if you love bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

And Voting trump guaranteestha the USA will be a second tier nation and that most will be hurt finanacially as the markets tank and your 401 disappears ...but HEY the vulgarian could care less about you andyour family ..

He will get his and YOURS too , be damn careful about what you wish for !!

Anonymous said...

Biggest factor in voting to quit EU? IMMIGRATION!

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Remember when Obama spoke these words, "all Bush did, was take out a credit card, from the Bank of China. That's un-American. Remember those words, when Bush ran up a 4 trillion dollar debt. And now where are we , 10-12 trillion more in debt, under Obama. And yet Trump will bankrupt us? Scare tactics, like those used, and lost, in Britain.