Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Left Seizes on Tragedy

     Journalism is dead....I just heard Anderson Cooper, whom I usually like, doing an absolute hit job interview with Florida AG Pam Bondi who was on to talk about scams and challenges being faced by Pulse victims and their families.
    Anderson just kept drilling her on how he heard LGBT people didn't like her and how she is a hypocrite for saying she wants to help victims when she argued the state's case in defending its marriage law.
    And it wasn't just one or two jabs, he kept at it......
    The media across the board is politicizing everything as they defend the crown against Trump and his acolytes, which Ms. Bondi is thought to be.
     Few groups are as indentured to the left as LGBT activists who are happy to agree with one another but want nothing to do with others reaching out.
     It's a shame the shooting is merely a chance to settle old scores when the compassion expressed is heartfelt and actually brings people closer as Americans.
     None of that if your gig is identity politics..


Ray said...

We don't forget people who would use such a tragedy to further their career. Do you see that hack who claimed he rode a chopper with our soldiers, and crashed? Aaaaaa no.

Anonymous said...

"Journalism is dead".... As if you would know. Like you are Water town's own version of H.L. Mencken You think so much of yourself. You know little

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ray, but we do forget. The dishonesty of the media is boundless. People are bombarded with carefully crafted bs reporting and after a while, they accept it as truth. Anderson Cooper is yet another puke who should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

C'mon 10:19, clean it up first. Then write when it is corrected.