Monday, June 6, 2016

Judge Flap An Unecessary Battle for Trump

     The biggest mistake in the Trump-judge flap is that the candidate elevated his personal lawsuit to prominence in the campaign at the expense of other issues.
      The dissatisfaction with the judge is his issue and one can make a case that Trump's positions could provoke negative treatment from people strongly linked to Democratic causes. So have your lawyers take care of it...but Mr. Trump seems one of these people who doesn't let water flow off the duck.
       However, that's not an argument you win when it intersects with race, the favorite topic of much of the media. 
       When he won Indiana and clinched there was a chance to focus on Mrs Clinton and charm the voters and your own party.
       Now some wonder if he really wants to be President. It's a hostile media environment and the candidate needs to show some control. 
        The issues favor Trump and his likely opponent is flawed and not liked. This is a winnable race, but not if this continues.         


Anonymous said...

You may be smarter about these things, but Trump is luckier and luck always beats smarts.
The main stream media has been playing this Trump university attack against Trump for months on end. It is time for Trump to respond and defend himself. He did a great job at it. Clearly, the Mexican judge is persecuting him and making illegal rulings against him.

Its ironic that the same left wing crackpots have degrees from all the other universities and they can't get jobs to save their lives, other than a small percentage who dominate the media. Then will we see a class action lawsuit against JCC? How many people have degrees from there and couldn't transfer their credits to another Suny school, or couldn't put their degrees to use? Most of them, that's how many !

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't smart enough and his luck will run out. It's too bad, but he won't settle in and play the game. Hence, he loses and loses bad. And we get stuck with a felon.

Anonymous said...

I thought months ago that he didn't really want to be president but was running simply for the press and attention from people.He sure acts like he doesn't want it by his self destructive faux pas'..