Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Guy Who Lost to Client #9 to Face Teachout

   Looks like Zephyr Teachout will take on GOP retread John Faso in the eastern NY CD now held by retiring Chris Gibson.
    Both won their primaries today.
    Looks like Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney won the GOP nod for the Utica district.


Anonymous said...

I'm likin' Teachout. She's got great legs, no brain, and talks nonstop. My kinda woman. Fruitcake.

Anonymous said...

Great, like we need another Libtard Progressive creep out of corrupt DeBlasio terrority.

This is going to be a major fight to stop the northern flow of the likes of Hilldabeast, and Gilibrand.

Lowclass MCM here is your opportunity to check out her personal relationships, what her sexual orientation is, how many trips she has made to her OBGYN. You getting the picture yet?

Anonymous said...

Faso is unbeatable in NY 19. Will hold district till retirement.