Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sudden Interest in the Twelfth Amendment

   The nominally well informed political press has discovered the Constitution which proscribes how the House of Representitives selects the President if no candidate gets the requisite 270 electoral votes.
    For that to happen somebody other than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has to win one or more states. Ross Perot had 19% nationwide but only could muster two second place finishes (Utah and Maine).  George Wallace won five states with I think 54 electoral votes. In 1968 there was a real shot at a House selection as weeks before the election, Governor Wallace was polling high enough to have won several more states in the South.
    The speculation now is that the Libertarian ticket could grab some states. That's a stretch but if the Johnson-Weld ticket catches on and makes it into the debates, there is that outside chance.
     Now if it went to the House, it's one vote per state and the GOP controls enough delegations. However, would they go with Mr. Trump or use the situation to put someone else in ?
     This is a parlor game for those of us who think about this stuff way too much.
Gary Johnson could give us President Paul Ryan: Column


Anonymous said...

Most likely, they would take one of Hilary's states, not one of Donald's.

Anonymous said...

I think you're being wishful 725. With the Republican establishment worried about the down-ticket, it's an "Anyone but donald" fest. I believe it would be the other way around.

Anonymous said...

8:34, you need to brows the comrade Bernie comments on the double-you double-you double-you. Huge numbers are saying they don't want and wont vote for Hillary. Other than free stuff, the next thing they want is free dumb. Give them an option for a Libertarian and a lot of them may follow through on their promise.

Anonymous said...

As you know 800, the RINOs are the biggest freeloading voting bloc in this area. The ones that all say they for trump of they even bothered at all. When they really voted for Hilda because they want to stay on that never ending gravy train. I'm sire you know quite a few of those. :D

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Ain't gonna happen - but your wishing well aside.