Friday, June 10, 2016

WDT: Factory Street Drones On

     A mere half mile of city street is going to take until the spring of 2017 to have reconstruction completed.   Factory Street drones on after a late start last year and slow as molasses work that has left motorists backed up and businesses wondering when it all ends.
       When done it will look nice and as one of oldest streets with lots of infrastructure, it is not an easy project, but some days you drive through there and wonder why they don't have more people actually doing things.


Anonymous said...

This isn't the only job the contractor won the bid on in this state.
The contractor put all the good equipment and the good workers on the jobs that have perfromacne and penalty attached. Factory street leads to the North Side, so the city didn't bother risking a more expensive bid by including any performance criteria or traffic maintenance.

Anonymous said...

The lowest bid isn't always the best bid. There really should be other determining factors.

And who put up the stop lights at the Pearl St bridge? Drove over the bridge and had two solid green lights and one solid red light facing me at the same time. We'll sort of facing me as they're so spread apart they don't align with the traffic lane. Another time noticed the far left light is a left hand turn arrow. There's only a single lane there as they had to build the new bridge to look like the old. If a lane has been added where are the markings?

With the closing of Mill Street, the way this project is affecting traffic is horrendous.

Glad I don't own a business on Factory.

Unfortunately I live here on the north side and have to deal with this debacle everyday.

Does anyone have a clue with this project?

Anonymous said...

Subsurface utility work is tedious at best.

Anonymous said...

As good as the weather has been. They could easily have a second shift on part of the night. Get it done faster.

Anonymous said...

10:22 is right. The work is tedious. Therefore, might as well do the work as slow as you can
using as short of a day as you can
and as many days off as you can
and only use a handful of people to do the entire job.

This makes sense to all govenrment employees.