Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pocahontas to endorse Hillary Clinton Thursday night - POLITICO

   I will say Senator Elizabeth Warren has positioned herself as the leader of the progressive movement, perhaps more significant than Hillary Clinton who will claim the nomination for President. I think its fair to say if you supplanted Ms. Warren for Bernie Sanders months ago, Mrs. Clinton would be back in Chappaqua.
     Senator Warren has proven a sharp tongued critic of Donald Trump and The Donald just doesn't respond well to barbs, resorting to snarky Tweets and insults.
      By withholding her "endorsement" Ms. Warren increased her own value.
      It's sickening to watch the Democrats and their media allies pursue Sharpton style race baiting against all of us, but Mr. Trump seems unable to modulate his message and what looked like a strong effort a month ago appears disheveled now.
      Good thing is all that can change.
Elizabeth Warren to endorse Hillary Clinton Thursday night - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she will wear a headdress and build'm big smoky fire.

Anonymous said...

Sucker Jeff, as a proud and committed Trump backer can you please enlighten us on why the lying crooked Deadbeat Don $h!ts on the little guy.

Maybe you and that bloviating noxious gasbag from Black River can smugly huff and puff your way through the usual shameless torrent of unmitigated horse manure tomorrow on America’s least favorite noon time talk show while defending your low life savior.

Should be fun…. We’ll have the popcorn ready.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Mayor the real Campaign Hillary vs. Trump is just Starting"

I advocated for over a year for media to ask Hillary "Did your Email server set-up endanger or cost lives!" The answer is Yes it did, and you'll read about it in tomorrow's papers! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

HAHA 832!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

For the racist pricks here and anti- just about anything and everyone, may I suggest this official site to settle this matter in your pea-size brain housing units if it matters to you. Keep in mind it might matter to some - but necessarily to you - after all Native Americans were here long before you and yours - pride does come to mind whether it's 1/16 or 1/32 percentage blood line. But you need to figure it out so you can sleep better.

Tracing American Indian & Alaska Native Ancestry.

Anonymous said...

At least the Warren didn't stiff THOUSANDS of small businesses and working class people people like orange hair.
Is that how he plans to make America great again?

Anonymous said...

Danny will never miss an opportunity to defend the indefensible. And So he is right in line defending Pocahontas.

Danny even the democrat left of NYT's newspaper the Atlantic, hung your lying rich fake Indian out to dry.
Naming her as unproven 1/32 Indian. Help of the people in the tri-county area have more injun in them than that.

Anonymous said...

Dan, as usual, you're full of yourself and other matter. The issue here is not Natives, it's woman who hides behind that identity to further her career and her political status. You know that. Or I would hope you do. She's another of your dishonest fakes. You and I are more Indian than she is. But again, we understand your basic need to defend all things Democrat. People like you have done more damage to this country than any group I can think of. Someday, it has to be about something other than party. I continue to hope that some day you will come to your senses.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

8:13 and 8:37.... FYI. Funny you two are - not ha-ha funny, but pathetically funny. You imply that when I post something "It's a DEM spin, or DEM slant, or DEM party line, or "free" stuff tainted." But when one of you two jokers post something, it's like what? Logical, rational deep thought, or words of wisdoem from above?

GMAFB (Give Me a Frickin' Break)

Anonymous said...

Danny you hit the nail on the head finally in your 10:05pm comment when you said:
You imply that when I post something "It's a DEM spin, or DEM slant, or DEM party line, or "free" stuff tainted."

Except for the part where you said, "deep thought" park. You see, it doesn't take deep thought for us to correct you, it only takes honest thought. Give it a try some time.

Although, I shouldn't jump to judgment of you. For all I know, you really may think its fine for a millionaire woman to fraudulently and illegally use her undocumented and insignificant alleged heritage to take advantage and exploit affirmative action that was not intended to apply to her. The rest of us don't think its okay.