Thursday, June 2, 2016

Derrick Takes Familiar Approach to Attacking Stefanik

      On the day Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate for NY 21 is still refusing to say who he voted for in the NY primary two months ago.
      Michael Derrick was the guest on the HOTLINE today where the retired Army colonel outlined his views and his attack to come on Rep. Elise Stefanik.
      Mr. Derrick says he is open to using Donald Trump as an attack line and will adopt a Doheny-esque approach by attempting to make an issue of residency, her future ambitions and her donor base in 2014.
       He even extended a hand to Doheny loyalists by saying how surprised they were by her outside support.  I kinda think that ship has sailed, but the subject came up when I asked if there was a compelling reason to oust Rep. Stefanik after just one term.
       Mr. Derrick was well versed in geo politics and foreign affairs and believes this CD is one of eight in the country that's truly a swing district.
       President Obama did win here in 2012 over Mitt Romney.
       Mr. Derrick was the second candidate to visit America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show.  Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello visited recently while the incumbent has yet to stop by.


Anonymous said...

You irrelevantly mention that Ryan will vote for Trump,chastising the Democrat for not saying who he voted for. But yet you fail to mention the fair young maiden has yet to endorse Trump. And by the way, although it doesn't matter to you, it may still bother others that she has never lived in our district. I guess we just aren't as sophisticated as you.

Anonymous said...

This guy has got to be a stooge sent here by the republicans. He cannot be serious.

Mayor, you came off as a little hard on this fool, compared to your normal softball interviews. You dug your teeth in when he launched the ridiculous carpetbagger tactic. You missed your opportunity to ask him who he voted for when Clinton moved here and ran for Senate.

He never answered the quesiton of what is the advantage of closing Gitmo. He did do a good flip flop when he said how important the Navy base was there and then took it back and said he is not in the navy so he wouldn't know. I wonder if Stafanik has an opinion on how important that base is or if she would just say "I'm not in the navy".

This guy is going to make Woolfie look like he had a chance.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Very good interview and, no, not even close to the dud Woolfie .... much more informed and knowledgeable and focused on the job. Well spoken - impressive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:27. He flip-flopped all over the place and threw curveballs every question posed to him. True democrat - the type who would vote party line no matter what the issue. He gave off an attitude I didn't care to listen to but I listened to the interview anyway and was NOT impressed. It really got me when he said Clinton should be given a pass for her major security breach issue with the emails after he said he would have, and everybody else should, face serious consequences for such an action.

I wouldn't vote for this guy even if he was the only name on the paper.

Anonymous said...

Derrick has to run as a conservative if he hopes to win. Stefanik's wall street liberal republican donors and her lack of residency are valid issues.

Anonymous said...

Residency, if you have been following the press on this clown same MO of the Democrat Talking points. If you say it enough people start believing it.

Now the press claims he is a life long resident of Peru. the press did start printing ( the rags east of the mountains) that he only was raised 4 years of highschool in NY. The father and his mother moved about because they were 'Educators' and taught at very liberal schools.

He failed to mention his experience in hiding under Hillary's skirts/desk when he did his short term stint at the State Dept. Meanwhile he doesn't have an opinion or is too busy campaigning to mention how four Americans were killed in Benghazi while he was in the State Dept. Maybe he was trying to figure out what assets were compromised reading all his emails to Hillary through the email server that all foreign countries hacked into.

This clown pi##es me off, listening to him on the show he thinks he can fool us into thinking that all former military are holier than thou....... As far as I know his sh## smells the same as the rest of us. Once a Libtard always a libtard.

I have a whole lot more respect for Stefanic since she never change the R.

No worries Dollars to donuts Stefanic will be bide her time and then wham he will be hiding under some other women's skirt.

Anonymous said...

8:27 Folks don't ya know he is being groomed by Addie Russel and she is actively assisting him behind the scenes!

You are 100% correct Wolfie was bad but this one gives Elise Stefanik a greater margin.

Listening to yesterdays show it is understandable why Derrick was pinked slipped and was one of the first casualty of Obama's purge of downsizing the military. He has been irrelevant for many years, I don't understand why he just doesn't hit the golf course each day to keep himself busy like our other military expert Homeboy.

Anonymous said...

Funiciello stated he is being used by the Democratic Party, doesn't have a chance in hell. Just ask Aaron Wolf if he has even recovered when his Libtard party left him high and dry. Wolf had money to burn, sad the Democrats will use one of their own and then drop them like a rock.

Personally something is off about this one, either he is delusional or emotionally stunted, something not right.

Anonymous said...

10:12 Spot on Dan, focused on the job, what job being a stooge? How many years have you been retired, me thinks he comes in at a close second to you.

Lost all interest when he mentioned to the press that he was 100% supportive of Obama's Iranian deal. Now we find out that that a failed short essay writer 37 year Ben Rhodes was a Deputy National Security advisor something or other was feeding the press of the fraudulent deals that Obama made to the American public with the Mullahs.

Shame on you Dan and shame on Derrick.

Clinton and your entire party is going down come November. Then let the investigations begin.

Anonymous said...

I though Derrick played an excellent part in the movie Fargo as the bumbling husband who staged his wife's kidnapping. Deserved an award for that as well a nomination for his role as the bumbling biker in Wild Hogs!
I wondered where he went after that.

Didn't know he was kind of local that wasn't born here or even on this continent but moved here in time to go to high school then lived elsewhere for the better part of his life or that he was into politics.
Seems legit.

Anonymous said...

All I ask is where are the promised jobs Elise? Not voting for you again

Anonymous said...

12.16 is that all you have? I don't even believe she made that promise. No you are digging. Besides why are you trying to fool me? You didn't vote for her, you didn't vote.

Anonymous said...

And duh Dan thinks this was a great appearance. Now who could have expected that glowing gush of nonsense from our fair and balanced observer?

Anonymous said...

After everything that's happened are there really any Doheny loyalists left???

Anonymous said...

5:14 Nahhh, That is how this libtardness chump speaks. How weak and pathetic but we're pleased if he is using this as a political technique. LOSER.

We got it so right this time with Stefanik, after all that back benching and skirt holding by the libtard Owens. He gave us OBAMACARE lock stock and barrel, now live with the consequence.

Stefanik is going to win by a landslide, we must focus and all efforts must be made to oust little sweet Addie, the one that is chomping at the bit to get that 10th plank abortion right of women to murder the children at the time of delivery, just because they couldn't decide to use their free mandated pills, or go to PPP earlier.

I ventured to say it's gong to get very nasty with the infighting when this primary is stolen from crazy Bernie.

Anyhoo, Stefanik wins by even greater numbers 2nd time out.

Anonymous said...

Tired attacks 2PM. She did promise jobs. We see how well that has gone.

Anonymous said...

nice to see you blindly follow a candidate 200.

elisefor m/policy/

Do some research you Pollyanna.