Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dems Come Together

  These endorsements....Who else is the incumbent Democratic President going to endorse once the party has a presumptive nominee ?   It's not really news unless the party leaders refuse to endorse or revoke endorsements like on the other side.
    It does look like a girl-girl ticket is possible. The ultimate in identity politics for a party committed to "firsts".


hermit thrush said...

in 2012, about 90% of mitt romney's votes came from white people. about 55% of obama's came from white people. given your weird obsession with "identity politics," jeff, you might be training your attention on the wrong party.

Anonymous said...

I read on one of the conservative blogs the GOP is going to chain a teleprompter to Crooked Trump’s lying freakish ass until the election is over and juice him with a shock collar when he goes off script.

Who knows? It might work.

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear, dimwit one hundred percent, doesn't understand statistics.

hermit thrush said...

8:17, if you want to engage in silly name-calling, then go ahead, but it opens you up to looking especially foolish when it turns out you're wrong:

The complaint that Democrats appeal to voters fundamentally on the basis of their identity is a strange one. After all, unlike the Republican coalition, which is almost entirely white, Obama’s coalition is multiethnic. Whites supplied more than half (55 percent) of Obama’s votes in 2012, with nonwhites (African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans) providing the rest. The Republican Party relies almost entirely on whites, who provide about 90 percent of its votes. It is bizarre to describe the coalition balancing members of different ethnic backgrounds as appealing to ethnicity and the party consisting of a single ethnic group as not.