Saturday, June 18, 2016

Clues on Shooter Reveal Mosaic of Death

    From his grade school records, to work records, to marriage records, and on and on the clues were clear for Omar Mateen, the dirtbag who killed 49 and wounded dozens in the Orlando nightclub shooting.
    Now I hear a purported psych exam for a firearms permit was never done.....This case is a textbook of people saying after the fact....Yeah, that makes sense.
    But at what point do you call the FBI on stupid and if you do the threshold for charging and the need for due process is always there.
    Tough calls in this case


Anonymous said...

If the dickhead had not gotten his hands on a gun, he could have used gasoline, a much more efficient way to kill people. Don't fall for the Dannies bs. It's about muzlim terrorism and fruitcake ideology, not about guns.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand what powers the USA patriot Act and the RICO Act give to the government. This guy did not simply act strange once or twice, he did it his entire life and on top of that committed crimes. Those crimes may have been petty but they were enough to come down on him hard. We also have laws that would allow authorities to declare him mentally unstable enough that he needed to submit to treatment or be locked up.

As a libertarian, you must agree that giving the government so much power is a bad thing. But Obama and every most of pour agencies routinely utilize much more sweeping power everyday to harass people. Look at what he did with BP as an example. He unilaterally determined in a few days that an employee or two of BP's screwed up, therefore BP must fork over 17 billion dollars. Yet when it comes to Islamic terrorists, Obama is unwilling to even use "reasonable power", much less use the full force of what is available.

This Islamic terrorist who committed this gay on gay massacre, Attended the same mosque that another terrorists attended. that is enough to seize the assets of that mosque. If it were BP or Gibson Guitar, Obama administration would do that in a heartbeat.

This Islamic terrorist also imported a terrorist wife to help him scope out his jihad plot. There is no right requiring our country let him do that. The Obama administration allowed it to happen.

No we don't know if this could have been prevented or if it was just a crazy guy who had too many rights to stop him. But all indications are that the Obama administration would have let him get away with this in order to avoid targeting anyone Muslim. that is why sensible people call Obama the sleeper cell president. Trump walked it back the other day, but smart people wonder if Obama does this on purpose to hurt the country or just to be true to some dimwitted utopian ideology.

Anonymous said...

Finest post in a long time, 8:09. Thanks very much.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

20/20 hindsight - it's our way of life in these shitty times and with cases of mass murder like Orlando, Charleston, VT, San Bernardino, and Sandy Hook, and far too many places. Bystanders watch and opine and look for blame spots. Never a mirror.

Fore example: Mr. X appears to be a good citizen, although at times somewhat troubled and irrational, he gets a gun legally, then pulls the trigger 100 times after going off the deep end and bingo: Now he is a criminal ... the facts start to jell after the fact. His instrument of death and the dastardly deed: usually excused as oiur right to have a gun, even if seems we find out the details of the disturbed person who looked and acted normal otherwise - maybe even like you or I?

Welcome to America.

Anonymous said...

12:59, it's the America you and your ilk built. Open borders, feel good gun legislation, inconsistent enforcement, misinformation and ignorance. That's the legacy you have left us. You care so much about guns, but never mention the mass murders in Chicago that occur on a regular basis. What's the deal, Dan? No golf courses in Chitown?

Anonymous said...

Danny this has nothing to do with "hindsight" and everything to do with "insight" and "foresight". Obama is like you, he has neither.
Meanwhile, millions of Obama haters have been screaming for him to quit turning a blind eye to Islamic terrorists. To quit importing them on purpose. And to quit tying the hands of his FBI when they are on the trail of an Islamic terrorist.