Monday, June 6, 2016

Clinton to Sanders: Get Out.......As Media All In for Hillary-The Guardian

    The clamor continues for Bernie Sanders to get out....from the DNC....from Hillary Clinton....from the talking heads and news media....
     Why should he ? If she has the delegates she wins at the convention, but if she unravels, then Senator Sanders will be pushed aside for Joe Biden. That's the unspoken truth you don't hear  during the months on Morning Joe of telling him to get out....telling us why he can't win....and always asking him on camera when he will endorse and bring his supporters to Mrs. Clinton.
     The cheerleading by media makes it hard to look like a winner and rigged events like the Iowa caucus don't help either.
      If Bernie Sanders wins the Golden State, it will make for an interesting seven weeks ahead, but already MSNBC is touting that Sanders is reconsidering later this week and that the President is endorsing as well
       Media gets so ahead of itself. Let the voting occur please.
Clinton to Sanders: I dropped out for Obama – it was 'the right thing to do' | US news | The Guardian

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Anonymous said...

The reason media and guys like Klimflop are so defensive about Bernie is she is embarrassing the pants suit. She will likely win the nomination. But it will be a very split decision. That is humiliating for a babe that was anointed years ago.