Friday, June 24, 2016

Cameron Resigns, Trump on British Soil as Drama Unfolds

      The political upheaval roiling Britain has prompted the resignation of PM David Cameron who says he will leave the office in six months.
       Mr. Cameron and the establishment of British politics and business heavily backed "remain" in the referendum on leaving the European Economic Union.  The "leaves" won 52-48, and the movement's backer Boris Johnson is the early favorite to move to Number 10.
       In a coincidence likely not all coincidence, Donald Trump is in the UK to check on a golf course, giving him the chance to comment on this major event from the scene. While the media is criticizing the trip during the campaign, the irony is events buttress his belief there is anger everywhere with the establishment and it seems the PM may recognize that as he told his peeps that new leadership is needed.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that they never followed through with banning Trump, like the did Michael Savage.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is nothing more than a Obama lackey. Johnson will put the British people 1st.

Anonymous said...

Love him or hate him, Trump made a genius move by being in the UK today. He can parlay proximity to the UK upheaval in the his advantage in foreign policy. In reality his presence makes no real difference but its a point for the optics of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Today in Europe marked a turning point in the civilization of our planet. The British have drawn a line in the sand and said "enough" ! Enough filling the land with hordes of ignorant breeding masses of humans who have overrun their countries.

3rd world and violent cultures are destroying civilization and it has to be stopped. We like the British can not continue to allow non-productive humans to rape or countries and resources.

Anonymous said...

This will take months if not years to kick in (aside from what happened last night including the immediate currency downgrade and the yet to be realized impact on the global economy). When the chips fall, the 'elites' and the “rich” will not pay. As always, it will be placed on the backs of the working class; the mid and lower class who are already finding things hard, and those foolish enough to think things like Brexit and Trump are solutions will end up paying for the collapse.

The future is clear, you think by voting for this stuff it is rebellion, but in the end you are just symbolically burning your own houses down because the rich like Trump never ever pay when the market crumbles. In fact, you help them profit off of it-- just like Trump did during the housing collapse.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Trump calling that happened "great" is disgusting. That is except for the anti-everything crowd who thrives around here ... they love the turmoil, but God only knows why and I'm sure He is scratching his head, too professing: What have I done.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Britain had the heart, to say enough is enough. We can be one world, but we do not have to give up our identity, or our nation, to work as one. As much as one, wants to help the world, you can only truly help those, who help themselves. Our biggest hindrance are radical religious sects, who only seek to promote the world, as their own. For those who refuse to acknowledge this, are only adding to the chaos. We will see more and more nations, seeking to take back, their identity. The world is a tough enough place, but we have politicians, who make it tougher. And Obama has not helped, whatsoever. You know, its interesting that with Obamas' setbacks this week, how people still come up with all the excuses, that everyone else is wrong, that their way is the right way. Not hard to figure out who they might be.

Anonymous said...

Prepare for the barrage 216. Plain speaking will get you that from most commenters on this blog.

Anonymous said...

This action was the exact opposite of the rich and elite. This was the actions of multigenerationals who have had enough of rich bankers and the corporate shills telling then what shall happen to them.

It is time for people to tell the corrupt politicians "we are not going to take it anymore" . We just have to do it, before we are overrun with nipple grabbers.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"The 'Union Jack' flies best, when it flies free!" MCM

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

His remarks are disgusting ... and only are designed to favor him and his business interests ... listed here - FYI:

Trump said this regarding the impact of the UK leaving the EU:

"Nobody knows what the long-term result might be. The fluctuating value of the Pound might actually drive growth for me and others. Look, if the pound goes down, they’re going to do more business. When the pound goes down, more people are coming to visit Turnberry and play golf, and other things. I think it very well could turn out to be a positive." (For Scotland to break from the UK – that is great too???? Then here at home with Texas and other states talking secession??)

Wall Street down over 3% across today and tons of money lost here as well as all across the UK and Europe, and Trump thinks that is “great.”

For speculators making bundles, but not for investors with 401’s in the S&P and retirements in the TSP. Great for Trump types even as president.

He implies as much: "I am great at making deals. I love to make deals."

His favorite phrase and he has plenty of lawsuits to prove it.

Anonymous said...

A defeat for the globalists and a victory for everyone else. I am elated.

Anonymous said...

Yep GB is headed back to the 19 th century , Ireland and Scotland will leave the Uk ,.

British elderly overwhelmingly and without understanding the ramifications voted in favor thus screwing the millenials

The hypocritical idiots believed immigration was their concern . BUT Hey LETS think for minute and review British history . ENGLAND has for centuries COLONIZED other areas of the globe , raided their natural resources , enslaved their citizens under british bullshit monarchy who in fact are ON WELFARE as they are drones without productivity YET .

Moreover , England in the past were terriorists when they colonized , brutally enslaving, murdering and theiving the colonies resources both human and physical .the IRONY is the BRITS infact were immigrants in their conquered colonies. HYPOCRITS !!!!

Oh yeah these guys are smart , the hyper wealthy will ONLY make more money on this idiocy while the seemingly DUPED British working class and the idea of a UNITED KINGDOM fade . Brits just shot emselves in the foot ,and just in the last TWO DAYS have begun to realize what a folly this is and so now petitions for a NEW REFERENDUM have already been submitted .

The loony tune crowd that voted for this will pay dearly for following idiotic leadership like BORIS who Btw looks like he came from the small fingere vulgarian' s gene pool .

Anonymous said...

Dannie, we are not anti everything, we are simply anti everything you stand for. Open borders, importation of hordes of muzlims while the world is in such turmoil, spending money we don't have, making it more comfortable for people who don't work than people who do, growing government at a fearsome rate, limiting constitutionally protected freedoms to sell pretend security to dumbasses, an unworkable and wasteful health care system, protecting your allies, the American Bar Association, running up any more than the $19 trillion dollar debt your ilk has already saddled our kids with, and electing the most dishonest candidate any party has ever nominated for the presidency. I do agree with you on one thing. I'm so happy that you folks have make it neat to be able to piss wherever someone wants. That urination thing is so very important, especially when considering all the issues the world faces. I'm happy for you. Don't be afraid. No matter who wins in November, you will still get your special tax breaks and be able to obtain freestuff that most can only dream about. You will have your safe zone. Promise.