Thursday, June 16, 2016

Brits in Shock Over Brazen Slaying of MP | Daily Mail Online

    A shocking attack on a Labour Member of Parliament in Britain has left the lawmaker dead and a nation wondering the reason. The assailant shouted "England First" , perhaps a reference to the upcoming vote on whether to leave the European Union.

    MP Jo Cox was a 42 year old mother of two. She was shot three times and stabbed with a hunting knife before the killer kicked her body while on the roadway near her constituent office.

      This is the kind of incident that will ripple across the pond as it was so brazen, somewhat reminiscent of the Gabby Giffords shooting.

Jo Cox dead after Labour MP is shot and stabbed by man in Birstall | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

This could not have happened. It's propaganda. Even Dannie knows there are strict gun control laws in effect in Britain. There's no way a criminal could have gotten his hands on one. I hate these kinds of made up stories.

Anonymous said...

donald is still going to lose 721. try not to cry to hard when it happens. lol

Anonymous said...

Possibly true, 8:27. With all the fools like you who are willing to elect a liar and a criminal, it may well happen, again. I see you had nothing to say about British gun laws. Dontcha just hate these made up stories?

There's a comma after lose. Nobody expects you to be too smart. You always seem to live up to expectations.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard a single murmur about this incident in the news.

Nothing but Orlando shooting, Trump vs Clinton on gun control, and alligators.

It is Great Britain with its extremely strict gun control laws.

Guess the MSM doesn't want people to know that gun laws don't prevent gun tragedies.

Anonymous said...

liar and criminal should be plural 1002. HA HA you pigeon!

Anonymous said...

No, 11:08. There's only one liar and criminal running on your party line. Desperate, and dumb. This is what we get for spending more than any other state on educating our kids. You either have an education degree or you've received advanced leadership training, per se.