Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blotter: One Year Old Walking

    A one year old girl was spotted by a passerby trying to cross State Street at 730 AM.  The child was rounded up after what is a close call. The baby daddy was arrested. Police Blotter


Anonymous said...

If this was a lost dog you'd have dedicated 1/2 your show and 3/4 of your blog to it. We heard more about the cat road kill.

Jeff, you really should volunteer or seek a job at the SPCA. Your love of the animal kingdom is impressive. Boring, but impressive.

Anonymous said...

9:10, so animal welfare issues bore you? Never heard that before. As far as the baby is concerned, maybe we should be grateful that the oven and the donor didn't take the mistake to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

12:19, yes. Get over it.