Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bernie Could Win, But the System Wants You to Choose Among the Flawed- POLITICO

      Bernie Sanders is polling even with Secretary Clinton in California while the Democratic establishment and their media partners clamor for the Vermont Senator to step aside for party unity.
      Meanwhile President Obama is bringing his rhetorical skills to the trail against Donald Trump and Mr. Trump is just not making the transition to a more realistic, Presidential figure. He is shrill and depending on the inadequacies of his likely opponent to stay in the hunt.
       Months of screaming coming as we choose between two candidates a majority doesn't seem to like.
       It's a sign of the grip of the two party that no independent option can prosper.
Bernie’s superdelegate moon shot - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

bernie has no chance of winning but donald could. but the establishment is not going to let it happen

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1021.. I watch CNN alot and they just constantly run Trump down.. Blitzer, Baldwin and the dork after Baldwin actually goes breathless at times and gasp for air when trying to get all their venom out.
Paul Ryan is still in play as this blog pointed out yesterday and as long as that thought is in play Trump cant get the support from whom he should.
If Ryan gets the consideration I would vote for Clinton first. I will never support anyone who would support Ryan.
If people would just open their eyes and think and they should know we dont live in the land of the free (quite the opposite) and our votes dont count do they>>
when 911 happened and our government lied to us and put us in harms way forever, a president named Bush took away several more of what we thought were our basic constitutional rights and a new leader called Obama took several more we should have realized we will soon be a form of dictatorship and we will realize what we are here for..

Anonymous said...

The Liar in Chief's "rhetorical" skills might be better decribed as reading from a teleprompter and attempting to sound like a black pastor. Take the hint, golfer. Sometimes regurgitating others' thoughts is not the way to go. Sooner or later you do have to think on your own. But with all the freestuff, gender confused, and just plain stupid Americans, the days of thinking on your own are probably over.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

As T-rump handlers to us: "He will evolve and become more presidential. What you have seen is not the real Donald Trump (sic)"

I find that ironic for two reasons: (1) the GOP does not believe in "evolution," and (2) this phony man is no longer phony - all natural now?


Anonymous said...

This whole circus is proving to be highly entertaining, isn't it?

As far as commenting on the intelligence of the American voter (maybe desperation might be as accurate), I'll leave that to your own thoughts.

Read a quote somewhere recently. Don't know who it is attributed to. "It's too late to work within the system, and still too early to shoot the bastards". Whoever coined that statement may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

Now, now 1112. Stop with that self-deprecation...

No has EVER called you stupid, let alone an American. :D

rick aldrich said...

11:12; you are correct, the days of personal responsibility are winding down, more and more. It's always someone else's responsibility. If anyone saw Hillary on CBS News tonite, should be able to see in her eyes, that she's lying. A dead giveaway is how big they got, each time she read a sentence. Her dereliction of duty, that caused the lives of Americans, is one of the cruelest things a person can do.

Anonymous said...

Bernie can't win. Nobody has spent a penny on attack ads on him yet. When they do, he will be made to look like the fool he is.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Ryan is voting for Trump - about time you say - me too. In any case Hillary Clinton under the guise of a foreign policy speech, got national coverage to perform a 33 minute job on Donald J. Trump.

Hillary conveniently omitted such foreign policy disaster as her Libya policy, her Iraq votes, and inability to find an exit strategy from Iraq that worked. Of course the Iran deal was given a Putin like 'Historical Revisionist' slant.

Hillary is selling the idea the responsible people had to make a deal with Iran. Really? I think Mr. Trump is going to make this woman look like the inept foreign policy clown she is during this campaign. Everything she touched turned into a disaster, and I'm not including Syria or Egypt here. You know Egypt where 1st she supported Arab Spring, and than had to bail on it, because it went against our National Security interests.

As for whose hand I want on the nuclear button? A president who can push down if required would be just fine with me.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

3:08, you're the ilk that has let us to this point. At least all that advanced leadership training counted for something. Thank your kids for sending me money. And advise your wife, no matter where she's from, to just hover. She will understand.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you acknowledge my leadership of you and yours 944. It is my pleasure. Just keep following me and you'll be fine. :D