Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Albany Stumbles and Bumbles Again...Final Deal is 10AM on Sundays | syracuse.com

   Silly Albany....The final deal allows sale of alcohol on premise two hours earlier at 10AM but not 8AM like the other days.  What are they protecting ? My read on it is the change comes without additional fees, although a licensee can get up to 12 separate 8AM permits.   Governor Cuomo had sought the earlier hour but a handful of weird legislators forced the compromise.   
     This was never about European soccer games. It was about allowing small business to go to work if they want and about customers having choices.
      The rest of the reforms to the ABC law were small ball about craft breweries.
       We will be serving at 10 as soon as the law is effective.
       Oh....now a liquor store can gift wrap your purchase. Currently selling gift wrap is against the law and stores have faced revocation proceedings for selling a gift bag.....Same is true if they sell a pack of gun or a newspaper.
        Yes, you can still buy beer at stores at 8AM Sunday.
NY bars, restaurants will be allowed to sell booze 2 hours earlier on Sundays | syracuse.com#incart_river_home#incart_river_home


Anonymous said...

Quit blaming "Albany". This is the fault of the democrats in Albany.

It comes down to the fact that there is not enough businesses to fine at that hour and so it isn't worth having you be open to the cop unions and state worker unions.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe they would make things so complex, huh? Then again, try reading the closing laws on the sla site. Apparently in Jefferson county the closing hours for bars is 3 am to 8 am and New Years Eve. Shouldn't that be New Years day?

Anonymous said...

It should be time to finally put the "Blue Laws" to their eternal rest; every damn one of them.......