Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WDT: Agency Assets Dwindle

      A audit shows the funding stream for the FDRLO (we assume you are an insider and know what the letters mean) is drying up.  The organization organizes lobbying to keep Fort Drum open and growing.
      You don't say it's not needed as that's just not done and besides if it seeks to ensures continuance of the economic engine that is Fort Drum, the money is a small investment.
       I don't know if all communities adjacent to posts have such a publicly supported entity. They all have Chambers of Commerce and elected representitives,
       Promotional videos and rallies.  Do we need more ?  I honestly don't know. SLEOC used to be a touchstone until it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

they needed an audit to tell them this? that cost was likely a few thousaND. Cousin of Dandy Don it appears. "it makes you sit up and take note" per McLaughlin. Shut it down and save the money. it is a joke

Anonymous said...

While the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization seemed somewhat useful during the last round of base closings, I am not convinced we need all the NFP that we have. Can't DANC or some other NFP take these duties on? Is it really necessary to ensure Fort Drum remains open?
My husband and I were recently discussing how many NFPs there are that all serve the same issue (mental health). Wouldn't it make more sense to have all of the grant money go to one organization with one Executive Director and administrative team than to 10+/- organizations? I know this would mean the loss of many good paying jobs in our area but then the money could actually be spent on programming instead of administration.
As a former NFP employee, I don't think it is necessary that every $100,000 grant requires an entire administrative team. Wasn't the NNY Community Foundation going to consolidate all the NFP in the area in the Black River Valley Club? Makes a lot of financial sense but somehow I don't believe they will reduce the number of EDs.

Anonymous said...

8:02 Tell us how early and what great benefits you retired with. Now that you have yours why should you care about the 'loss of many good paying jobs in our area'

The only reason why we escaped any dramatic cuts to Fort Drum was because we finally have a Republican Congress Member that is actually fighting for this area which includes Fort Drum. Owens did Nothing and I can and you can probably count on one hand how many times he was even out to this side of the district.

This next Democratic candidate that is running was so foolish to say he hadn't the time or interest in reading the Defense Authorization Act passed out of the house.

Sure we don't need any of these duplicated EDs or administrative staff but we sure need to know that we have an elected official that is working on behalf of the district instead of just giving lip service.

Who on earth would anyone trust today to have all the grant money go to one organization. Too much opportunity too many hands in the cookie jar. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

Let's see their payroll costs.

Of course, if they do open their books, no one will be surprised that it's just another bloated non-profit.