Saturday, June 25, 2016

Address Raises Questions

   I saw in the blotter the address given for a teen held on a weapons charge was 231 Schley Dr, Apt.2
    That's a one story single family home where I lived while in high school.
    If there's an apartment 2, there is either an illegal subdividing or it's phony address. 


Anonymous said...

It must happen all the time. The agencies apparently don't verify addresses when charging someone.

Twice before I've seen a man's name (no one we knew or had ever heard of) on the blotter and the address he gave was the address where I work. since we knew he didn't live in our office, the boss wrote a letter to Sheriff Burns - who called our office after - and we've never our address listed on the blotter again.

That alone is another charge - providing false information.

Anonymous said...

Well on the corner of Sherman St. and Bugbee Dr. there was a house that was subdivided, also on B.A.W theres a house there with a mother-in-law apt.

Anonymous said...

People that relocate often, don't always remember their address accurately. The ebonics factor only compounds the problem.

Anonymous said...

You just know this young citizen obtained his pistol permit the right way, did the background check, and interviewed with a police officer, and submitted references, and did the fingerprint routine. What, you just don't know it? Why you uninformed party line idiot. Chances are he was an NRA member too. No, no NRA. Well this goes to show we need common sense gun laws and should require these things.