Thursday, May 26, 2016

Woman: Schenectady mayor 'highly intoxicated' in pursuit - Times Union

   The Mayor says he was pursuing two women he thought might be breaking into cars in his neighborhood. The women told police Mayor Gary McCarthy had a snoot full.
   Who knows ? There were no charges, but you don't pursue people at 1AM without something bad happening.
   The ladies were said to be picking through recycling bins. Probably had to pick because of comingled recycling.
Woman: Schenectady mayor 'highly intoxicated' in pursuit - Times Union

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Anonymous said...

FYI Dannie Boy, include this is in your waist deep research investigative files.

Schenectady has been a Democratic Arm of the corrupt politics out of Albany, NY Libtardy land for decades. All money flows to Schenctady, NY. Ge had been propped up for years with tax abatements credits by the city and Albany as long as the union employment numbers held strong. From over 125,000 now down to less than 5,000 the Tards votes are gradually dwindling.

Any who, there have been more cops that have been involved in questionable activity as long as anyone can remember. Just a week or so ago, a cop just received a slap on the wrist by his very own when he was stopped and the fellow officers gave chase. He turned himself a day later after he got everything out of his system. Slap on the wrist for a union Democrat Buddy.

Now the Mayor's in smalltown USA are the cops boss, right? Last Thursday, you had two ladies rummaging through garbage from a car. Good ole boy McCarthy chased with his high beams on and followed the women straight to the police dept. at 2:00AM. Women claims Mr. Rich White Mayor was two sheets to the wind and you could clearly smell him reeking. Mr. Mayor gave his story to the night desk Sarg. he was afraid they were going to steal out of cars. they obviously could smell the reek and he is allowed to drive home. No charges against the women cause Mr. Democrat Mayor would have had to have been charged too.

Can you guess who controls the city, the Libtard machine controls Schenectady, one of the highest taxed community in upstate NY.

Doesn't it sound like racial profiling to you by the rich white Democrat Mayor?