Wednesday, May 4, 2016

With Silver Sentenced, Local Comment is Sensibly Restrained

    Back in January, 2015 when Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested, Assemblywoman Addie Russell showed a total political tin ear by publicly defending him and suggesting the corruption was politically motivated. An astounding statement for someone who had barely survived reelection.
   With Mr. Silver now sentenced no one is asking for local reaction and certainly the new regime in the Assemblywoman's office isn't going to allow that kind of SNAFU again.  Staff boss Ryne Martin is a former reporter and editor for the Johnson Newspaper Corporation.
     The press for Ms. Russell is now very positive as surely Mr. Martin knows how to message and has relations with the local media.
      Even her prospective opponents are not shrewd enough to use the occasion to go after her.


Anonymous said...

Of course she is putting a positive spin on everything here now. It's an election year. We never see her, nor is she trying to do things for communities with emergencies, any other time.

Addie needs to go. She does not have the best interest of her district on her plate. She is a party follower.

Anonymous said...

Adelaide is a party stooge. But this is more commonplace than ever. Only the most loyal bend overs get nominated by the party. And she has proven herself to be the robot queen.