Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Will Local GOP Cogniscenti Embrace Trump

      There is still one active opponent in John Kasich and a lot still can happen but the designation by Reince Priebus that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee is a big deal. I was watching returns at Pete's with the crowd there and when Senator Cruz dropped out, I was surprised a bit but the elected GOP people in the room stayed huddled in the corner having dinner. 
     There doesn't seem to be much connection between local Republicanism and Trumpism. Perhaps worries about down ballot or just a reluctance to publicly express support for a controversial candidate...who knows ?
       New York is usually not in play and perhaps not mattering has created a malaise towards Presidential politics.  Also there is a desire not to rile the local media who adhere to what they see as the John McHugh school of Republicanism.
       Donald Trump should do better in NNY than Romney who was just a name on the ballot. This year the colors are more vivid and it will be interesting to see if NNY goes strongly for Trump and whether down ballot candidates will embrace him  or  just give perfunctory support as they worry he will hurt them.  Weeks ago, a prominent GOP rainmaker told me he supports Trump but asked I never blow their cover as it's just not acceptable yet to admit allegiance to such a coarse character.
       The noted bow tie GOP columnist George Will has already written good conservatives should work to see Trump loses all fifty states.  How many share that view will be interesting to watch as the apparent Trump-Clinton race moves forward.


Anonymous said...

Remember in 2014 many Democrats disassociated themselves from Obama. In some cases, candidates for lower office will wait to see which way the winds blow. Trump most likely will not carry NYS because of the massive NYC vote but a lot is going to depend on how Hillary does in the polls.

It should be interesting, as the Hillary's handlers will be very selective on when and where she campaigns. She doesn't have the stamina to do multiple campaign appearances each day and her interviews and appearances must be tightly controlled in order to avoid another WV moment, one that Trump is almost certain to capitalize on. MSM has its work cutout for itself in protecting and promoting Hillary.

dajeep said...

I don't believe this is the last of Raffy. At least Teddy is in good company on Wikipedia. Ted Cruz comes up right between Ted Bundy and Ted Kaczynski.

Anonymous said...

They should be quiet. For the third time in a row the Republican nominee is a giant turd. Maybe the realization that they brought this upon themselves is finally sinking in???

Anonymous said...

I think all of us should remember this race for a while. A very big majority of us wanted Donald Trump and it showed at the election night results... We asked our local politicans who they supported and they refused to respond.. Down right cowardly on their part.. Now like them we should remain silent when they come begging for our support the next time they have an opponent in a race starting this year with Ms Stefanik.. I,m not saying vote for the opposite party I,m just saying lets just stay home.

Anonymous said...

Trump is what the media and educators have been conditioning us for, for over a century now. They insisted that every day must be opposite-day. That we should give up all traditions as being outdated. From gay marriage to letting criminals out of prison, to killing "fetuses" that are 9 months old, to defining that oral in the oval is not sex, to giving trophies to the losers, to saying "merry Christmas". Its all outdated.

And so now, the voters have said we no longer need a traditional person that is "presidential" to be our president. Just like traditional marriage, that idea is old, outdated and unfair. There you go libtards and media (same thing), you got what you wished for.

Middle-Class Mike said...


The idea that any Trump supporter should be in the least bit perturbed by a local GOP establishment, that hasn't made a right move on the Presidential, Senate, or Congressional level for well over a decade is ludicrous.

These two bit Editorial manipulators, who engage in all their self-serving, District hurting shenanigans, which typically have a zero sum game for our District need to be sent packing.

That Jackass NYS RNC Chair Ed COX is the enemy of every Republican in the NYS, who wants a winner in the Whitehouse, or a Governor in Albany, NY. The message to these guys is,” Kiss our collective ass, and go crawl under a rock -- losers!”

How slow the Johnson Press (WDT) was to advocate for honest gov't, by finally calling Assemblywoman Russell out for what she is politically speaking; in terms of the Silver debacle? Yes, belatedly, they finally reported on what her support for Silver in the face of his corruption met -- but way too late!

I'm not differing to the wishes of that crowd, and no one else who's backed Trump should either!

Rep. Elise Stefanik was an establishment Candidate that was allowed to run as outsider by the NNY Press - especially the WDT, whose ownership should just sell their Johnson Press concerns as quickly as possible. The Paper is rudderless, the Editorial Board is a joke!

What the hell insight have Johnson entities given voters in NNY this campaign season? None! I’ve gotten to the point, where I'm actually angry at the WDT’s lack of insight this GOP Primary. At least angrier than when JBJ called me a Troll during the last Congressional Primary.

Jeff you defer to the likes of the Johnson's if that's what you think is important -- I've had my fill of the Johnson's self-serving, pompous ignorance, paraded as knowledge, but is really just a snub to people like us!

The Johnson Press under JBJ has proven on a daily level this campaign season, that we're a lot more aware of what's going on politically, then they'll ever be when it comes to analysis!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The answer to your question is a simple yes, the GOP will embrace Trump with arms wide open. A certain percentage are Party loyalists just like 40% of the DEMS are - they will vote for whom the RNC or DNC tells them to vote for - no questions asked. Besides, Reince says so.

We Accept Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

A word of advice Flynn, Now is the time to shift and campaign like hell for all the down races. The uprising has been presented to you Flynn, Never Hillary by Trump, no to any Democrat and get out the vote for all local,state,national Senate and House races.

You have to go all in for any and all GOP'er if Trump has a chance to win. You see Trump can't talk any further about any establishment people cause he needs their votes.

PS Mike, JBJ was correct when he called you a Troll last Congressional Primary, that's the role you elected and decided to play.

PSS Mike, Nobody gives a rat's a## what you think.

Anonymous said...

I won't accept Trump cuz he's a former dem. Once a dem always a dem. I won't stay home on election day but if the party can't give me a better choice I'll vote for Mickey Mouse!!

Middle-Class Mike said...

Really ANON 2:10 PM JBJ calling me a 'Troll' is like being added to an honor roll of decent citizens, and your wrong about people's interest too, I have people and Pols come to me all the time, for insight, or help, or both. And just who do you help, politically or any other way ANON. HMMM! Contemplate that for half a second - the answer will come to you and sound like this -'No One'!

Lastly, I'm in the position of never having to do anything I don't believe in unlike certain people we may know! Sign your name next time.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Mike, Can you elaborate or name names of Pols and people who come to you for advice. You are not welcome within the local GOP party, do you really want people to know why you hate the WDT? Not everyone is interested in in what you peddle.

You're are slipping Mike, take a refresher online English course, 2nd line a big red circle around the word 'your'. I don't want to offend your feelings or self image so make our day and write a pithy poem so we can all get through our day.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Anon 8:21 I'm Laughing My Self silly at how stupid you are, and Mr. Anon I'm welcome anywhere I Want to go; unlike yourself! MCM