Wednesday, May 25, 2016


   I heard another on premise licensee, this one in the city, is getting a raspberry from Albany retroactively over being too close to a church.  Too bad, as its a respected spot, if true.
   Talked to a long time critic of the Fire Department tonight who told me the fight is won against the Department as a result of the captain crunch. Not sure its that cut and dried yet.
     A friend of mine called the new Asian Spa on the west side. It's only $60 an hour.
      Also went to the monthly dinner at the IACA tonight...Great club, great people.
      Holiday weekend ahead....Looks like great weather.


Anonymous said...

Why should it matter if a bar or restaurant is near a church?Heck,I remember the catholic college I went to,the priests had kegs of beer delivered to their parish house on Fridays.And didn't JC himself turn water into wine? Enough with the holier than thou stuff..

Anonymous said...

Time Warp?

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe there are any bars within 200ft door to door. And the 500 ft rule wouldn't apply for renewals.