Friday, May 6, 2016

WDT: St. Lawrence County Assistant District Attorney charged with DWI

    When it rains it pours. Normally this would be a professional courtesy or at least should be but with so much controversy swirling around the DA, it's a tougher call. When prosecutors and school supers get DWIs there is a lot of heat to can them, but the kid was only 25 and it was only a .11....Maybe Mary Rain can cut him some slack.
UPDATE: He resigned.
Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County Assistant District Attorney charged with DWI


Anonymous said...

It is funny that when a cop in SLC is caught red handed looming over his dead wife just before he assaults an old couple, that it takes months to complete the investigation, and then when its done, there is only a charge for the assault. Yet when a DA supposedly had too many swigs of campaign, somehow they have enough to charge him with a crime immediately. The blue wall of corruption AKA honor among thieves, ends at the assistant DA office.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for the kid. Guess the Cinco de Mayo festivities got a bit carried away but no one was hurt (fortunately). While there would be no hope of him pleading this down with his former boss, Insane Rain, she is intransigent on the issue),hopefully he can achieve a reasonable plea with the Special DA who surely will be appointed. He made a mistake but he did the right thing by resigning. Don't hammer him. Wonder if he can use the "My boss drove me to drink" excuse???

Anonymous said...

If this would have happened in Jefferson Co. a flow chart would be established: Is the Subject driving a "Official Vehicle", Is there a dog inside?, Is he a County Legislator?, Is he a Sheriff's Deputy? If all these apply no charges will be pursued?