Monday, May 9, 2016

WDT: North Side Improvement League meeting tonight

     The now defunct North Side League is just a building now. What is being explored is whether the Mill Street structure can find a use consistent with its original mission of serving the community.

    It seems to me the plan by the Children's Home to create a boys and girls club has merit as the agency will have the ability to raise money and leverage public money in ways that will stabilize the property and the neighborhood.

    The legal encumbrances on the property and the lack of a legitimate title holder makes it a tough issue.

     Let's hear the details and see if this effort succeeds.

Watertown Daily Times | North Side Improvement League meeting tonight


Anonymous said...

This is a great thing and its about time some of the local do-gooders take on a project on the north side that will benefit real disadvantaged children, instead of limiting their deeds to whatever endears them with the south side socialites.

But is it legal to limit this to boys and girls? Will the justice department sue if they don't specifically include "intersex" in the name?

Anonymous said...

4:23...that's right on! Can Caitlyn go in? Maybe they can get Mr. Springsteen to do a concert as a fundraiser. Then, Mr. Cuomo for the ribbon cutting. God forbid we teach our young "traditional" values like family, respect, hard work, fair play. It needs to be more like Spanish, legalization of Marijuana, any sex bathrooms, free cell phones, see where I am headed with this. But don't sell soda there though, Mayor DeBlasio will get upset.