Sunday, May 8, 2016

WDT: Mothers Never Stop Contributing

      Just because your Mom has passed doesn't mean you stop thinking about the profound impact she had on your life...and still has.
       Granted there's no Mother's Day phone call or flowers sent, but the legacy continues in the values, manners, work ethic and compassion for others that Mom taught every day by the way she lived. 
        You never forget what Mom did for you and not a day passes you don't think about her.
         Happy Mother's Day , Mom.


Anonymous said...

TRUTH ! Both My mom and my wife's moom have been gone for thirty years and not a day goes by i do not think of them and pray for them and thank them for all they did to engender , love values,and compassion . .

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Happy mother's day to all mothers, here and in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mr Mayor.

rick aldrich said...

7:51 deserves a repeat, Happy Mothers Day, to all mothers, no matter where you are, either here on Earth, or in our spiritual Heaven. We love you moms.