Monday, May 9, 2016

WDT: Media Can't Quite Figure What's Up When Covering a Trannie

      Transgender activist Laverne Cox poses a dilemma for those who preside over the style book at newspapers.  The actress was called an actor in today's WDT but was also referred to as "her" and "Ms. Cox".    
      The actress was born a male, one of identical twin boys.  She went through gender identity issues in childhood leading to an attempted suicide and now is a transgender activist.
      At least in NC, you'd have to make sure the gender references in print correspond to the birth certificate.
       I have no problem calling Ms. Cox a she as the lass seems sincere in her identity.
       But did JCC let her use the lady's room ?
Watertown Daily Times | ‘Orange is the New Black’ actor Laverne Cox discusses transgender issues at JCC


Anonymous said...

The trend for the past several years has been to refer to both male and female performers as "actors". Seems the term "actress" was deemed offensive by some women. So now everything has to be gender neutral. Kind of like councilwoman vs. council member

Anonymous said...

She is quite the showpiece. A man, who did the penectomy, now makes a living going from select venue to select venue telling all how tough it is to have a penectomy. To ease her pain, she dresses, has had modifications, and went to make up school to be the spitting image of Miss July. She/he is so hot I can barely look. It's a good thing JCC has taxpayer money available so they can pander to the softball players in the neighborhood. This is so cool my panties have been wet for weeks in anticipation. JCC should do what Clarkson did with the Black Bodies Matter crowd. Give her an honorary degree.