Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WDT: Maple City Joins the Hunger Games

    The City of Ogdensburg is competing for that $10M downtown development prize to be given to one NNY community.
    The Maple City's application was prepared by it's own planning director with no paid lobbyist help as in Watertown.
    The Ogdensburg application builds on years of efforts to transition the St. Lawrence River waterfront from industrial use to other uses including recreation.
    From reading the article it sounds like they have some good ideas and certainly Ogdensburg has some natural resources to build on.


Anonymous said...

"The latest competitive grant program being spearheaded by Gov. Cuomo’s administration is a $100 million effort aimed at revitalizing 10 communities within a seven-county region through individual awards of $10 million."

No Perry, its $100 million bribe money that the RINO Senate foolishly allowed corrupt Cuomo to have complete control of, so he could kick back public money to his political supporters and withhold it from his political foes.

Anonymous said...

Watch O-burg receive $ without any consultant help. Remember when the COW was able to think for itself. What happened?

Anonymous said...

In all fairness...Ogdenville planners have even more free time on their hands than COW planners do...if that's possible.