Friday, May 13, 2016

WDT: League's Old Guard Seeks to Bring Civic Club to an Honorable End

        One time leaders of the virtually defunct North Side League are trying to get control of the Mill Street building so they can sell it and use the funds for charitable purposes.  In a meeting Tuesday, a group met with their new lawyer to form a board of directors and officers who could legitimately handle the affairs of the Club after some years in which the League spiraled into an odd status as a nightclub and finally a vacant building where once a host of community events were held.
        Schemes to sell the League in exchange for another club house are mercifully over.
        Still at issue is who pays the $39,000 tax bill due in June to prevent transfer to the tax certificate holder. Also at issue is getting a court to approve whatever sale plan is arranged, and there is the alternate proposal to get the building in the hands of the Children's Home for use as a Boy's and Girls Club.
        It's laudable some of the past members want to preserve the legacy in some manner.


Anonymous said...

They should just donate it to the Children's home.
If they sell it, the money will be spent in no time and then the legacy is over.

Anonymous said...

Since they are going to put the money for the sale to charity maybe Mr. Murray could hold off on taking the property and take his money off the top of the sale. Or is this even possible? Just wondering. Also Love the idea of a Boy's and Girls Club , something that area could really use.