Sunday, May 22, 2016

WDT: Journalism Spiraling Out of Control

      I read this OP/Ed where the Times editorial scribe and Cubs fan muses and waxes wistfully over what he sees as the over covering of minor, marginal events. He cites Donald Trump eating a taco salad on Cinco de Mayo.

       Jerry and his paper have shown restraint. The Presidential race is relegated to page 3 and the gray old lady of Watertown did pass on the two headed calf that mesmerized channel 7 viewers.

       Of course with the Internet and 24 hour cable, a lot gets covered and talked about that may not matter. It's more important than ever for consumers to be discriminating as while there are still gatekeepers the barbarians have found ways around  the gate.

        The good thing about new media is there is a lot of material that's not earth shaking but gets a tip of the a hat.  Things as simple as a grip 'n grin or a fire or accident the media can't get to in time.

         As for the taco bowl, it offered the chance for media to further a narrative that Mr. Trump is averse to the interests of Hispanic voters. 

         Such leaping to desired conclusions is something I would join with Jerry in questioning the validity of  but for all of this, it seems the genie is out and not inclined to get back in.

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Anonymous said...

You correctly point out the reason that the taco photo was disseminated with fervor by the media. Jerry seems oblivious to what drives most of the stories in the media and his paper is no exception. "Importance" has noting to do with it. Unless you qualify it and say importance to their agenda.

Instead of using Trump as an example, he should use his own paper and their coverage of hat4e crimes in Potsdam as his example. No one cared but that didn't stop him from placing the story on the front page. Because if you are going to convince the nation to let everyone use the same restroom, it helps to first tug at their heartstrings and pretend their is an epidemic of hate crimes going on against certain people.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Who can forget Jerry Moore's brilliant Editorial: "Donald trump's pseudo-candidacy" 7/15/15.

Gems like this observation keep us coming back for more,

"The support that people continue to heap on Trump the politician truly puzzles me. Those who flock to his pseudo-campaigns should by now realize that he has no intention of actually running for anything. As soon as it comes time for him to truly commit to becoming a candidate for elective office, he’ll bail, just like he’s always done in the past." Jerry Moore WDT/715/15

He will obviously duck behind the same cover as the illustrious political commentator George Will, with this platitude, "Nobody thought Trump could win!"

Well I did before the Editorial filled with Mr. Moore's nuggets of political insight, and still do in spite of the collective wisdom of the WDT.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'