Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WDT: Hear's The Tongue Lashing You Wanted to Get Out of the Way

      The former Times staffer now running Addie world surely have expected this editorial when he wisely got his boss back in the news on ethics and lanced the boil of Shelly Silver by having the Assemblywoman say she was betrayed.
       It was cringeworthy but it gets this last big vexing issue for her out of the way. She takes her lumps for defending the Speaker when he was charged, and now can say she was let down but by golly wants to do something about ethics now.
       Any competant opponent would have rode this pony till November, but without any significant opposition, it looks like smart politics to raise this, let the bad facts be recited and claim the errors are now seen and rectitude and redemption are the orders of the day.


Middle-Class Mike said...

"This item about Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell's support of former Speaker Sheldon Silver, long after it lacked any justification, is fair, straight-forward and balanced!" Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

My God Russ Finley had to go and split the conservative vote.

Thanks again Russ,

Anonymous said...

It ain't going away, just because the WDT's tries to get it over with.
This will come back in the election and come back strong.
If RINO Byrne would step out of the way, a real republican could take a shot and would have a great chance, even Russ.

Anonymous said...

9:22, leave your bs at your transgender bathroom. If it weren't for the split vote, the NYC boys would already be looking for a new maid.

Anonymous said...

Still cant understand why Ritchie gets a pass.
She was sponsored and recieved donations from two felons. Both Libeos and Skelos were found guilty.
She just sits their waiting to see who she will bow to next but none of the above sees fit to call her out.. What about you Mr Johnson she thumbed her nose at your reporters before not explaining a vote.

Anonymous said...

Rusty isn't a real Republican. Never has been and never will be. Period.