Saturday, May 7, 2016

WDT: Downtown Hunger Games Lauded

    The other day when Mayor Butler hosted a meeting to discuss the city applying for Governor Cuomo's latest permutation on economic hunger games, I praised the effort as a necessary response to the rules of the game. This time it's one ten-million dollar prize for one North Country city or village.
      However some took issue with my criticism of false rivalries that set up one community for gain and others for disappointment while most municipalities will just not participate. Meanwhile the public follows little of this Regional Council program.
     Some communities like Watertown have hired a "rainmaker" consultant on the premise they have access and juice.  Others may have other strategies in hopes of convincing a blue ribbon panel from a think tank that they should get the money.
     All of this does spur good proposals but any choice is arbirtrary and given the differences between communities and programs, this is all very much apples and oranges
     If Watertown is awarded the money, then it will be deemed an especially good program but does that mean it is ?
      A lot of work goes into this Regional Council program and I am amazed at the effort that goes into it, especially by those chairing it all. The relationships and idea sharing has been a good thing.
       But the competitions are not akin to the Yankees and Red Sox.  It's submitting grant applications and in this case there is only one grant.  That said, Watertown should win,  because the mantra of our times is "it's all about me.".


Anonymous said...

"a blue ribbon panel from a think tank"
Ha! Yeah right.
The "Five crime families" of the democrat party do not each get a vote on who gets the money, when the Cuomo crime family is involved.
The courts don't get a vote, the media doesn't get a vote, the department of education doesn't get a vote and DC doesn't get a vote. The governor gets the only vote. You can try to dress it up and pretend Cuomo doesn't pull the strings, but it is no different than the AG, wage board or the Moreland Commission.

"That investigation found that Mr. Cuomo’s aides repeatedly pressured the commission on where to direct its energies. It also found that the governor’s office interfered with the commission when it was looking into groups that were politically close to him, and had a heavy hand in the writing and editing of the only report the commission ever issued."

“Pull it back.”

"The subpoena was swiftly withdrawn. The panel’s chief investigator explained why in an email to the two other co-chairs later that afternoon."

Ray said...

I would rather have the millions left in all our pay checks. If the state has to much, I could use it. I could use it to shop in the downtown area.

Anonymous said...

Ray, well said. I don't usually side often with your viewpoints but very well said. Corruption is getting worse and worse. The state wants you to think they are generous and supportive, but it's our dollars on the first place. Neat game they play.

Anonymous said...

Ray. To, too, and two. Please. It ain't that tough.

ray lear said...

Why too or two,. When I used to? Too is also. Two is 2. I don't get your corrections.