Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WDT: County Assumption of City Civil Service Advanced by Times

       This is an interesting idea advanced at a time when the City is moving to create a more elaborate personnel department in addition to it's Civil Service Commission.
       Last year's involvement by the Commission or its agents in the election brought the obscure body into focus, but the WDT advances the notion of the City's civil service and hiring lists be handled by the Jefferson County personnel office.
      They currently do that for other local governments. The current set up has consciencious Commission members but it is very much a function of the Third Floor, even sharing legal counsel.
       Change deserves consideration.     


Anonymous said...

Might as well pass city expense on to the county tax payers when you can. And help build the county into an empire. Doesn't the county have planners too? Might as well scrap the city planning department while your at it. Pretty sure the county has law enforcement. consolidate those city police into that too. I can smell some great efficiency and cost savings as we grow the county govenrment. I only saw four sheriffs out on the water on the public's dime every day this long weekend. Saving fishermen from themselves as it were per se.

Anonymous said...

The Civil Service Commission is joke. As we all saw during the election,and you wont out here, they are just another tool available to do the bidding of the 3rd floor. Bob Slye is the CC commission and everyone knows it. The people on the board are good people I am sure, but what do they know about civil service law or procedures? I think the times is right on point with this one. With Mr. Roy now in charge of Human Resources I can see a much diminished role for the commission.

The recent move to violate the labor agreement with he IAFF and their inability to lead the process in a legal and ethical way amplifies the need for change. I am very much in favor of giving this role over to the county and I do not think that I am alone. Good post Jeff!

Anonymous said...

In the 80's Public Safety was to be consolidated but to many "Chiefs" to let it happen, The City's Civil Service Comissioners are a joke, What ever the Dept wants, plenty of audits by the State prove this...