Sunday, May 8, 2016

WDT: Blankenbush Calls For Ethics Reform

      A poll showed 97% of  New Yorkers want ethical government. Makes it a good time for call for ethics reform to prevent abuse or perceived abuse of the system. Unethical behavior is always something the other guy or the other party does.
      Easy to call for reforms when you are from a safe district where there is no need to raise money, but to further the discussion is certainly laudable.
       Wonder who is in the three percent who don't want ethical government ?
Watertown Daily Times | Blankenbush making another push for ethics reforms


Anonymous said...

Blankenbush is on the mark. We don't have the criminals the Democrat party hatches in NYC. The races are more competitive up here, and in fact around the state. That's why Benito wins nothing north of the city. What baffles me is this money issue you speak of. No Donkey in NYC needs money to be elected. It's done by golfers and party owned freaks. Why the corruption? I guess when you are greedy, and have no real check on your power, it's ok to lie and steal.

Anonymous said...

But all the ethics reform put forth, does not attack the problem. I don't care if a politician earns money on the side. The real problem is big govenrment with big power and no accoutnablity.

It is human nature for people running things like DANC, to hand out favors based on connections and not based on merit. The answer is to eliminate things like DANC and make the people who run them accountable to voters every year or two.

Look at the chicken story in the daily rag today. You know damn well that other more connected people were able to get their import export permits while the guy up here got nothing. The fix for that is to make them accountable to voters. Agencies are to far removed form the voter and that is why they are the most corrupt.

Look at Aubertine's private waterline. Illegal by agency standards, but then they decide not to enforce their own laws. Corruption by any standard, because you know if it was John Q Public's waterline, the rules would not bend.

Government will always be more corrupt than any Wall Street firm ever thought of being. the only way to improve it is to limit its size and s cope of power and make it accountable to the people on all levels...every year. Not every ten years like the judge elections. Not every four years like the mayor elections. Every single year.

Anonymous said...

Great points 1047. I do not necessarily agree with election every year, don't know if I could handle the BS of the election process, but accountability you bet!!!

I also really like the idea of getting rid of the unelected, unsupported, and unsubstantiated City Manager and making this position an elected one. A strong Mayor form of government would force the administrator of the city to be more accountable to the voter and would finally bring in some level of accessibility and accountability for their actions, decisions and mistakes. Does anyone really think that we would have elected Addison - an outsider with no ties and no municipal experience? Hardly. The hard pert would be finding someone who was both qualified and who had the time to devote to the business of operating the city on a full-time basis. Would almost have to be someone who was either self-employed, independently wealthy or retired. I think it is a very interesting concept and one that needs to be explored. If the job paid well, I think it could attract a range of qualified people. We really need some new leadership and soon.