Monday, May 30, 2016

WDT: 1.4 M College Students Will Drink Alcohol Today

     And where's the news in this ? That it's lower than one would think or higher?  It's certainly no surprise that young adults drink. They always have and always will. The 21 year old age does not dissuade the activity although it does make a beer equivalent to drug use and that helps those industries which operate outside the sphere of regulation or taxation.

Watertown Daily Times | 1.4 million college kids will drink alcohol today


Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see Benito attempting to get his head under the Pants Suit polyester outfit today. There may be future for him on the national level if the criminal wins.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the democrat kids...the ones that couldn't make it into the 12 credit hours of remedial course work at JCC, to become "college kids".

And don't forget about all the 13-17 year-olds. They are drinking more than ever before. Ever since the age of majority was 21. The good thing is that there is less need for alcohol these days, since you can hook-up using text messages and social media. Those mediums don't take as much "social lubricant" so you can save imbibing for the actual encounter.

Anonymous said...

Don't you recall your favorite president's daughters that loved to drink underage and pass fake IDs 835?

You know, the 'Mission Accomplished' guy. For the life of me I can't recall the name... :D

Anonymous said...

Half of college "kids" today are over 21 anyway

Anonymous said...

10:24 Oh ye that wears rose colored glasses. Kids, can't drink till they are 21, kids that soon won't be able to smoke till they are 21, but
pot yes sir e bob, keep them in a stupor. Gillibrand and Andy Dandy want to outlaw sex on public campus since it might be a frightful new experience that needs to be regulated and have a signed cont5ract to take care of the trial lawyers and they will need a safe space to rethink all those sexual experiences they have been having since they have been 12/13 years.

Last and not least alcohol not until they are 21 but Adele J. Russel is pushing to have kids vote at 16. Read and weep, you fool.

Anonymous said...

10:24, you are talking about the Bush girls. They COULD and did get into college. I the kids that drop out of high school and can't even get into JCC's remedial know...democrats.

Anonymous said...

I hear what your saying 817.

Just like the all the Palin kids, right? Particularly that uneducated fraud, Bristol. If anyone is in need of a remedial course in Sex-Ed, it would be hypocrite republicans like her.

In fact none of sarah's kids have a degree, not even their father. Nope just wacko sarah!

But alas they're republicans! So I'm sure they've turned down offers from the best schools left and right... :D

As for 309's comment... What the hell are you rambling on about? Wow. Get some help with that anger management pal.