Thursday, May 5, 2016

Watertown Vies For $10 Million | WWNY TV 7

   Governor Cuomo loves competition and his latest carrot dangled is a single $10M downtown grant in each of the state's economic development regions.
    The City of Watertown is wisely putting together an application and there is ample evidence of a years-long program to develop our downtown corridor.
     Lot of politics in this and it really comes down to west vs east. Plattsburgh vs Watertown.  In the middle are places like Saranac Lake which the Governor is fond of too.
      It may not seem fair to pit people against each other in such a sprawling region where there is little sense of commonality. But those are the rules and our city is wise to try.
      Editor Note: I am told there is an independent panel reviewing the applications.
Watertown Vies For $10 Million | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

This may be what will finally lands the corrupt governor in the same hotel as Silver. Shame on the assembly and Senate for giving the power to bestow this kickback money on whomever the Governor chooses.

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot. While Mayor, you know you enjoyed enormous region wide support for Watertown area projects, including everything needed in support of Fort Drum. There was great commonality of purpose and commitment. As for the downtown competition, I will play absolutely no part in Plattsburgh's proposal development or any review of it. An objective 5 person review team, with support from the Brookings Institute, will review and provide recommendations and comments to the state. I thought I and your former colleagues had earned more respect from you during your time in this overall process. Garry Douglas

Jeff Graham said...

Garry. Meant as a compliment. You do a great job over there but with one prize, the public is befuddled by process.

Anonymous said...

Mr Douglas and Mr. Graham, This is exactly what the Democrat party wishes, divide and conquer. Cuomo and Obama are masters of this ploy, reread the papers and strategy of Cloward-Pivens.