Monday, May 9, 2016

VP Not A Post You Publicly Seek

       A couple of people have publicly voiced their desire to be Donald Trump's running mate, a move sure to mean they will not be picked.
       Former Governors Jan Brewer (AZ) and Rick Perry (TX) are among those dangling themselves out there. Both would be horrible choices. Perry because like 15 others is a demonstrated loser this year and Brewer because she is just not qualified.
       The best VP picks continue to be governors, familiar with governing but not part of the DC culture people are voting against.
        There are a couple out there, but I won't mention them for fear of hurting their chances.
You're hired? Former Arizona Gov. Brewer 'willing' to serve as Trump's VP


hermit thrush said...

so wait, governors are the best pick, but jan brewer, who served as governor of az for six years, isn't qualified? huh? and all the while, the donald is qualified. this would all be hilarious if, you know, the leadership of the free world weren't at stake.

Anonymous said...

Condoleza Rice. But the golfers will hate her. Wrong kind of woman. The fake Indian, they love her.