Friday, May 27, 2016

Two Press Releases on the Day Foe Announces

         I noticed a pair of Addie Russell press releases on Newzjunky today and who know's , TV may pick up on one of them and do a story, which of course is the goal.
        One of the releases has a shot as it deals with zombie properties, a trendy issue these days.
        Ms.Russell has clearly tuned up her act from the haphazard 2014 campaign that nearly cost her a seat in the Assembly.
         Now she has to keep up the drumbeat and wait to see who her opponent is.


Anonymous said...

Adelaide will always have the same problem. She's a proven servant of NYC Democrat thugs. When our interests are threatened, she will always put on that maid's suit and do what she has to do to be loved. Not around here, elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

And the little spineless, dishonest wannabe journalist Mr smith of junk news dutifully tells us the little Manning creep did time for "whistleblowing". No smith boy, he did time for leaking confidential information. But we are not surprised by your willingness to spin and lie about this. Gooboy. Puke.