Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trump won’t release tax returns before election | TheHill

   Why should he, other than to satisfy busy bodies and opposition research people who want to make an issue of this line or that.
     It's nobody's business as long as he filed them.
     When you are in business it's not as simple a return as a one W-2 with a house filing. I am surprised the Watertown media hasn't demanded tax returns. It would be good for ratings as people are nosy.
Trump won’t release tax returns before election | TheHill


hermit thrush said...

kind of amazing that trump rose to political prominence by demanding that obama release his birth certificate, yet now he won't release something which is completely standard for people running for elected office. quite a candidate you have there.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing that is important to our state-run (by democrats) media. They won't care about Obama's grades or his writings as the editor of the Harvard law review, but they need to know Trump's tax returns.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Historical facts: presidential candidates do release their tax returns ... the public expects is and in fact needs to know.

Q: What is he hiding ... e.g., foreign investments; foreign earnings; off-shore accounts? Etc.

We deserve to know.

Anonymous said...

Release them asshole !!!! Trump is a chicken shit liar and THIS proves it

Anonymous said...

7:15, that is no way to address the future president of the united states.

Dannie, you deserve deserve deserve everything.

Guess what, guys? Trump is his own man and he is playing by his own rules. He owes you nothing as far as tax returns go, and that's what you will get...nothing. But feel free to release YOUR tax returns.

Anonymous said...

klimprk, and duh dan, a birth certificate documents that the candidate is a legal candidate. Tax records are no in the same category.

Anonymous said...

7:15, there's this little thing called the constitution that says a president has to be " a natural born Citizen". There is nothing about tax returns.

Anonymous said...

First off, regardless of the candidate and which party they came from, their tax returns are NOBODY"S business but their own.

If a candidate is suspected of tax fraud or some such thing, then you go to a Judge and present evidence to that effect, and if the Judge feels there is sufficient evidence, he issues a SEARCH WARRENT! Then and only then are you or anyone else entitled to see those tax returns. Other than that, it is the party in questions right to reveal them upon request, or tell you to go suck an egg, whichever he chooses.

ray lear said...

I can see him keeping it on the low. We all know the press can turn the buying of Girl Scout Cookies into something bad. Why should he give them a rope to hang him with?