Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump Hits 1237

     An analysis of unbound delegates has put Donald Trump over the 1237 he will need to win the nomination at the RNC in July.
      With the delegates he will win June 7, the businessman will well exceed the minimum.
       This marks an amazing political fete, as the once unlikely nominee leapfrogged past 16 opponents in eleven months since he rode down an escalator at Trump Tower.
        Mr. Trump is campaigning today in Montana and ND, touching all the bases.
        While the GOP has coalesced around Mr. Trump there are holdouts including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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Anonymous said...

Jeffie, This is old news. How about a comment of the photo and video the Dems. are releasing comparing Melenia Trump posing for British GQ in a red thong, bra and boots aiming a gun to Moochelle in her pearls dress and muscular arms. Then there is a shot of her lifting weights.
Let's go to the mats, Moochelle will pin her in 60 seconds.

It had to have passed so the creep BillyBob Clinton can use as a pinup to get himself excited.

Oh and the big mouth Rosie O'Donnel holding her crotch while speaking about Trump isn't going to sway anyone.

Trump 1, Clinto 0