Monday, May 9, 2016

Times Have Changed So Many Things : NPR

      Those worried about bathrooms should remember the world is changing. For instance there's Rep. Kyrsten Sinema of AZ who grew up homeless for a time living in a gas station and now is in Congress at age 36.
Rep. Kyrsten Sinema
Rep. Sinema is also the first openly bisexual MOC, not that it's anyone's business, but someone pointed it out to me today. And it was on NPR, so you know its important.

     Just shows that what was once taboo isn't anymore.

Sinema, First Openly Bisexual Member Of Congress, Represents 'Changing Arizona' : It's All Politics : NPR


Anonymous said...

You must mean "openly" by choice.

Anonymous said...

Bad choices, reasons why she was homeless and they are pushing this pc crap on us that it's ok to come out. Give us a break, men with men one day, in trans gender dressing rooms another day that they might feel like a women cause they are not manly enough on any given day, then it's their right taking photos of your young daughters, women with women women with two men, women with cats, dogs, you name it. How about the highschool dressing rooms, freakin boys not only want to undress with the girls but want to shower with them now.

She can take her bi, tran, leso, gay, and stick it where the sun don't shine. Who would be sane enough to touch her, all the sexually transmitted diseases.

I want to know how they can rationalize this when they have blood coming out where ever.

She sure ain't no conservative, moderate middle of the road GOP'er

Anonymous said...

Lets not be hard on the lady, she looks great and seems to be going places .From living in a gas station to congresswoman seems to know what she wants out of life.

Anonymous said...

10:54 - And you think that's a step up ?