Saturday, May 7, 2016

Third-party push gaining steam | TheHill

      The whiners and hissy fit folks are threatening a third party run with perhaps Mitt Romney as the standard bearer. All in a bid to stop Donald Trump at all costs.
       It's the Bill Krystol crowd. Comfy conservatives with deep DC roots who are appalled the barbarian got through the gates.
       In the end, Mr. Romney is not going this route and be a pariah. Plus the logistics of getting on the ballot in most states and raising enough money to be credible.
       It might be a better year with a Romney candidacy and on the other side, Senator Sanders should accept the Green offer to take their line. A four way race.
        Third-party push gaining steam | TheHill


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can be Trump's VP

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Meanwhile the Trump PR machine is gearing up (according to his ideas and plans and views) to make the GOP convention in Cleveland the most-glamorous, glitziest, most-watched, and the most-entertaining of all time (probably the most-expensive, too).

Velkom to reality show Amerika with your host, the greatest showman in American political history with his new project: "The New Apprentice."

Short Video Clip is Here.

Anonymous said...

Hope all you want Jeff. gop stalwarts want ANYONE but trump. He will face an opponent no matter where he is on the ballot. Bernie will be convinced to drop out soon enough with a cabinet position offer. Leaving donnie to an epic landslide loss to Hilda.
Don't cry too much when it happens, you've been warned.

Anonymous said...

Yes Hill-Dog will win due to people like Danny, who vote the line no matter who is there. Even a vet like Hillary. She screwed up every job she has been given in D.C., and still she is great. Plus if you notice from Danny's words, Dems don't tell you why their guy (girl) is great. They bash everyone else. Like the Dems. won't blow billions to in a big darn show. Please.