Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Silent Majority Take on Restrooms

    The bathroom debate is being heard locally. A woman told me today her pastor at a Baptist church here in Watertown made it clear in the sermon today that men and women need to use the bathroom assigned to the gender of their birth.
    Point is that while the elite class is content to know that schools have already been working on such accommodations, there are many non-believers of secular humanism very upset over the push for transgender restrooms.
    Those people don't write the editorials but they vote.


Anonymous said...

$19 Trillion dollars of debt. The open border golfer voter importation program in full swing. Military in turmoil. Obamacare a total failure. Let's worry about where .02% of the population pisses. Stay tuned. Japan apology tour on the itinerary.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is the matriarch of secular humanism. Shared restrooms and other modern librul agenda is not a legitimate son.

Again, this is NOT an accommodation. This is an order to allow everyone to use the restroom of their choosing without regard to the actual sex of the individual.
What the schools are doing is building privacy that they would not otherwise build, so that the backwards law is less disruptive than it would otherwise be. In that respect, this response by the schools is technically illegal.

Just as SSM has lead to this outrageousness , the next step is to demand that any student may play on the sports team of their choosing, regardless of the sex listed on their birth certificate.

BTW...the true answer to this problem is to accommodate them. By offering transgender students unisex single occupancy restrooms.

Anonymous said...

You've gone an done it now 6:58! How dare you put things in their true perspective??

I expect Soros and his lib lackeys are already hiring the protesters to descend upon your residence to express the "publics" outrage.

Anonymous said...

9:28, if that were to happen, before I did anything, I would humbly thank God for the opportunity.