Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Suspended Detective Earns $56K While In Jail | WWNY TV 7

    This is a good news story, and its the reason people are tired of the public employee unions. The rubber rooms for NYC teachers, the arrogance of the border agents, the suspended with pay, even while you are in jail.
     This is why the benefactors of the Taylor Law in Watertown are not getting universal public sympathy as they all are paid at least twice the average pay of a city resident.
     Now I understand many do their job and don't game the system, but the theme of  politics this year is that life is rigged.....and it is, big time.
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Anonymous said...

we keep hearing the lying eggheads tell us that Albany gives us more than we get...and this is a perfect example.

This detective is the same one that the last DA used when persecuting Oxley on trial three times. And yet the media wants us to believe Rain is the worst thing ever.

Anonymous said...

738.. Rain is the worst thing ever to happen in this county..
Mr McCarthy got suspended for a reason. He was intitled to due process. while awaiting due process he intentionally got arrested again and was thrown in jail.. Once he willingfully violated the orders of the court and was arrested again he should have been taken off paid leave (in my opinion).
If convicted of either or both crimes he is accused of he should forfit any or all accumualted days personal day, vaction time or bonus he has comming to him to repay the city.
Also the city attorney should take steps to take judgement on him and any assets he has until the city is re-paid any money he has recieved from the city. Its way over due for cities and other municipalitys to quit taking the easy way out of these issues.

Anonymous said...

What did the Red Stag affair get the Deputy??